Remember Culture Shock for Travel

This morning was like any morning, except fall is in the air and the speediness of summer wanes.  Like some collegiate travelers this time of year I am ready to begin a year of studies after a summer of sightseeing and dreamy travel.  This time of year I love reading to kick-start my brain for the day and today it was travel blogs.  I found a post called Culture Shock in All Its Glory and was surprised I had not heard about culture shock.  Looking back at a time when I stayed in Italy for a month I remember experiencing the first and second phases. The first phase being the initial excitement of the new and untold.  Homesick and noticing dramatic differences being the second.  Being there for only a month seems like a very short time to experience all four phases of culture shock when I think about it now; although during my visit the time went slowly. I will definitely make a mental note of the four phases of culture shock to better understand our travels and what our feelings mean.

Have you ever experienced culture shock? Where at?



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