How it Should Be: Friendship on a Deeper Level

How often do we have a deep thought but assume no one is there to listen, to ask?  Certainly not the case when I was a child.  I remember family and friends encouraging and telling me:

  • You can do anything if you put your mind to it.
  • Follow your dreams!
  • Don’t waste your God given talent.

Nowadays no one except my loving; mother, grandparents, and the like, care to ask meaningful character questions.  What’s stopping us from connecting on a deeper level?  Despite long-term relations, except a few close friends, I doubt anyone knows my heart and soul as well as I’d like them to.  I strive to know people deeper than just what’s on the surface.  It’s annoying when somebody strikes up a friendly dead-end conversation and only asks me typical college student questions like:

  • How’s school going?
  • How are your grades?
  • What are you going to school for?
  • What occupation will you occupy?

I don’t mind sharing bits and pieces of my college life, but after the tenth time it gets boring. It is especially so if they are clueless about what your interests are.  Friends should talk about something deeper.  I hate shallowness.  Whether you are a college student or a middle-aged adult stuck in a career you chose 12 years ago, it is vitally important to discuss your goals and dreams.  It’s equally important to discuss what is important to you. 

“Vitally important to discuss your dreams” 

I started this blog for that very reason.  I blog to discuss dreams and goals I have for my life with people who truly care; and others who share similar interests.  Human motivation in all aspects is a mystery, but a secret about it is it’s like a fire.  Without oxygen and fuel, a fire will choke.  People ask why the Millennial Generation is so lazy.  I say it’s because our motivational fires have been extinguished.  All of us should burn for some reason.  Discussing what’s important to you supplies oxygen to your fire.  Discussing goals and dreams with a close friend will make your friendships stronger because the fire is between you.  I have friends with different fires than the one I sit by, but we also sit around the same fire because we have common interests. 

“Human motivation is like a fire”

 Taking steps to achieve your goal adds fuel to your fire.  Get out there and see, do, meet, love…  Be somebody!  I want to be somebody who:

  • Spreads fires to those in need.
  • Shines light where there is none.
  • Bring warmth to cold places.

Who do you want to be?


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