Faith Steps in a Student’s Life: Choosing a Career

This is the second post of a series. Go here to read the first post.

Choosing what to do with my life was the hardest decision I’ve had to make and I still don’t have it all figured out.  When I made up my mind, I wanted to travel.  I knew I was ditching many traditional responsibilities.  Some may say choosing to travel when you’re young is irresponsible and a career should come first.  I know I’m dodging customary expectations but finding a career immediately after college isn’t worth it to me.  Although it might bring financial freedom, a nine to five cubicle job sounds like a trap to me.  There are two pathways for a career:

  • A happy career
  • A trapped career

Any honest person in the workforce will tell you employment is a path to a sticky trap if you are not careful.  Reality is, choosing a career is a trap unless we can find a career we enjoy.  I want happiness to make my world go round, not money.  I’ve seen firsthand how employment is a trap where feelings, opinions, and motives, are controlled and dictated by how the job is treating you.  If you’re choosing a career or college major, just remember to do what’s fun and in your best interests.  Even at a young age, decisions shape our opportunities to live happily.  Don’t misunderstand though, the first steps to an adult life are tough decisions.  When I take my first steps, regardless of what I am stepping towards, I want my steps to be in happiness and satisfaction, not steps taken because I had to.

Go here to read the third post of this series.

Feel free to leave a comment about your first steps.


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