Faith Steps: Just Do It and Take a Step

This is the third post of a series.  Go here to read the first post. Here to read the second.

My friends say I’m a dreamer and I have to agree.  It’s true; my life ahead and what I will experience along the way consume my mind day and night.  I can only hope that the steps I  take will mirror my thoughts and dreams.  I will never know for sure unless I take steps in faith.  In any worthwhile pursuit in life, the unknown exists.  We must have faith in our steps; that they will lead to somewhere great.  Faith that the sun will rise in the morning and all will be fine no matter what we choose or have chosen to do with our life.­

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Faith Steps in a Student’s Life: Choosing a Career

This is the second post of a series. Go here to read the first post.

Choosing what to do with my life was the hardest decision I’ve had to make and I still don’t have it all figured out.  When I made up my mind, I wanted to travel.  I knew I was ditching many traditional responsibilities.  Some may say choosing to travel when you’re young is irresponsible and a career should come first.  I know I’m dodging customary expectations but finding a career immediately after college isn’t worth it to me.  Although it might bring financial freedom, a nine to five cubicle job sounds like a trap to me. Continue reading

Faith Steps in a Student’s Life: Happiness Matters

“Take the first step in faith.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

If you’re, a college student, know one, or are going through a radical change in your life, then perhaps this quotation by Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke to you as it did to me.  Don’t you love when a quote speaks directly to your heart and soul?

Taking the first steps in new circumstances can be exhilarating and a bit scary.  Students would agree because first steps are before us in our everyday lives when we think of career options.  To put it in perspective I kicked-off my second year of college at Rhodes State today and I can’t help but ponder the first steps I’ll take after graduation.  For me the first step I’ll take after college is to travel.  It’s probably different for you.  Thoughts on what we will do with our life cross our mind, especially teenagers, constantly.  If you are entering, life’s adult phase you might wonder what your first steps will be or what they should be.  My first steps will be what I want.  I haven’t chosen a career for my life.  Instead, as cheesy as it sounds I’ve decided I want to live a fun-filled life doing something I love and I love to travel. I want to travel to faraway places, exotic lands, and experience life in all its riches!

How it Should Be: Friendship on a Deeper Level

How often do we have a deep thought but assume no one is there to listen, to ask?  Certainly not the case when I was a child.  I remember family and friends encouraging and telling me:

  • You can do anything if you put your mind to it.
  • Follow your dreams!
  • Don’t waste your God given talent.

Nowadays no one except my loving; mother, grandparents, and the like, care to ask meaningful character questions.  What’s stopping us from connecting on a deeper level? Continue reading

Remember Culture Shock for Travel

This morning was like any morning, except fall is in the air and the speediness of summer wanes.  Like some collegiate travelers this time of year I am ready to begin a year of studies after a summer of sightseeing and dreamy travel.  This time of year I love reading to kick-start my brain for the day and today it was travel blogs.  I found a post called Culture Shock in All Its Glory and was surprised I had not heard about culture shock. Continue reading